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Device Specifications

What device should you bring to school?

You should bring a device that is larger than 10". If bringing a tablet device, it is important to bring a keyboard to help with typing essays and notes. Phones are good for short activities, but for longer more detailed work, a keyboard is essential.

Device Specifications

The BYO device should meet all the following requirements

Device Type

Laptop; netbook or convertible laptop/tablet

Screen Size

Minimum screen size of 10 inches

System RAM installed



USB 2.0 or higher

Wireless Compatibility

Device MUST have 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless capability

Battery Life

Minimum battery life of 6 hours

Software Requirements

(access to…)

  • Word Processor
  • Graphics
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheet
  • At least 2 HTML5 web browser installed e.g.:
  • Chrome 22 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Safari 5.1.7 or later
  • Firefox 16 or later
  • Up to date Antivirus Software

In addition to the BYO Device students should also have a USB drive for backup.


Device Specifications (docx 19 KB)


Where can you buy the correct device?


Parents are welcome to purchase devices anywhere. There is no preferred platform at Moorebank High School. Parents should purchase a device that suits their child's needs and family circumstances.


HP Education and  Apple store have created a Parent BYOD Purchasing Portal which gives parents options and a small list of devices ranging in price that have been chosen by the Technology Committee as suitable for our learning environments. This is not managed in any way by the school, rather a suggestion for purchasing options.


What if you don't have a device?


Students who do not have devices will be able to take out a 'Day Loan' from the school.


Access the form, before 8.30am to request a laptop. Students will need to pick up laptops from the Network room (next to CAPA staffroom) before the start of school day bell and return before the final bell each day.


Loaning of school laptops should be seen as only a temporary measure. If your family is having specific trouble purchasing a device, you should contact the school via email to discuss options. 


Day Loan Form