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Stage 5 - Years 9-10

Industrial Technology Timber

Industrial Technology Metal

Industrial Technology Electronics

Graphics Technology

Design & Technology

Students who have demonstrated aptitude for and interest in Technology often seek to further their studies in either Industrial Technology or Graphics Technology in years 9 and 10. The Focus areas of Timber, Metal and Electronics have been selected as possible areas of study. Students may study two only Focus areas in Industrial Technology.

The major emphasis in all Industrial Technology areas is on students being actively involved in the planning, development and construction of quality practical projects. A project report is completed for each practical project and forms part of the overall assessment. All practical work is done in accordance with all policies and guidelines relating to the safe handling, use and storage of tools, equipment and materials. Consequently all Technology students must wear substantial enclosed leather footwear in all workshops.

During Year 9 project completion is highly directed by the classroom teacher in order to guide students through a broad range of practical experiences and techniques. During Year 10 students have much greater autonomy in the selection of projects to best meet the varied needs and interests of students.

Graphics Technology develops in students an understanding of the significance of graphical communication and the techniques and technologies used to convey technical and non-technical ideas and information. Students engage in both manual and computer based forms of image generation and manipulation. Graphics Technology is particularly relevant in many aspects of industry where computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacture (CAM), and a broad range of multimedia applications are widely used.

The Design and Technology program is project based with a focus upon Engineering solutions.