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Stage 6 - Years 11-12

Visual Arts

Photographic, Video and Digital Imaging

Study for the HSC can be conducted in either Visual Arts or Photography.

The Visual Arts HSC course aims to build understanding of the role of art, in all forms of media, in contemporary and historical cultures and visual worlds. It is specifically designed to accommodate different student interests and abilities. Learning opportunities are based on a flexible content structure consisting of practice, the conceptual framework, and frames. The course aims to build informed citizens and discerning audiences for art and to raise the standard of cultural awareness amongst students.

During the HSC year students are required to compile a body of work and maintain a process diary. Through the production of an individual work or series of works students may demonstrate their application of knowledge, understanding and critical judgement acquired through experience.  The students' artworks are externally assessed by the Board of Studies.

Photography and digital imaging in stage 6 provides students the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge related to sound photographic practice and also artistic content in the creation of photographic images. Students are encouraged to explore the effectiveness of images, the technical aspects of the works and their meaning and significance. Students will engage with a broad range of technologies in their practice of creating visual images through various photographic techniques.

The competencies acquired through this course may be applied to future vocational training, may provide the capacity for lifelong learning, and may support life experiences in areas of personal interest

The Visual Arts Faculty endeavours to provide a breadth of curriculum to meet the needs of all students at Moorebank High School. The staff brings together an extensive range of experience and are committed to the ideal of every student achieving their personal best.