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Stage 4 - Years 7-8


In Years 7 & 8:-

Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding:

  • through inquiry, application of problem-solving strategies including the selection and use of appropriate technology, communication, reasoning and reflection
  • in mental and written computation and numerical reasoning
  • in patterning, generalisation and algebraic reasoning
  • in collecting, representing, analysing and evaluating information
  • in identifying and quantifying the attributes of shapes and objects and applying measurement strategies
  • in spatial visualisation and geometric reasoning.


Throughout Years 7 & 8, students will learn to:

  • appreciate mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life
  • show interest and enjoyment in inquiry and the pursuit of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding
  • demonstrate confidence in applying mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to everyday situations and the solution of everyday problems
  • develop and demonstrate perseverance in undertaking mathematical challenges
  • recognise that mathematics has been developed in many cultures in response to real life needs.



                                                          Year 7 working hard in classYear 7 working hard with Mrs Smith