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Stage 6 - Years 11-12

Ancient History

Year 11 students investigate the past, people, groups, events, institutions, societies and historical sites though archaeological and written sources by applying the methods used by historians, archaeologists and other specialists. Through archaeological and written sources, Year 12 students investigate the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the key features of an ancient society, a personality in the context of their time and the significant developments and issues of an historical period.

Business Studies

Year 11 students investigate business in a changing business environment, the nature and responsibilities of management in the business environment and the processes of establishing and planning a small to medium enterprise. Year 12 students investigate the strategies for effective operations management in large businesses, the main elements involved in the development and implementation of successful marketing strategies, the role of interpreting financial information in the planning and management of a business and the contribution of human resource management to business performance.


Year 11 students are introduced to Economics. They investigate how consumers and businesses make decisions, the operation of markets and the role of the government in a mixed economy.  Year 12 students examine the global economy and Australia's place in it, and economics issues, policies and management

Extension History (Year 12 only)

Year 12 students use historical debates from a case study and a source book of historical readings to investigate the question ‘What is history?' Students also complete a historical project in which they design and conduct an investigation in an area of changing historical interpretation.


Year 11 students investigate biophysical processes and study the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental challenges which are occurring at the global scale. Students also complete a practical research project. Year 12 students study ecosystems at risk, world cities, mega cities and the dynamics of large cities and urban places, and economic activity.

Legal Studies

Year 11 students develop an understanding of the law through the examination of law-making processes and institutions. Students examine the way in which the law impacts on individuals and also investigate contemporary issues that illustrate how the law operates in practice. Year 12 students study criminal and human rights law and investigate the effectiveness of the law in achieving justice by examining contemporary issues.

Modern History

Year 11 students investigate key features, individuals, groups, events, concepts and historiographical issues in a range of historical contexts. Students also complete an historical investigation. Year 12 students investigate World War I and complete studies on a nation, a personality in the Twentieth Century and peace and conflict.

Society and Culture

Year 11 students investigate the interactions between persons, societies, cultures and environments. Students examine the process of socialisation, and the development and coming of age of individuals in a variety of social and cultural settings. Students study how people in different social, cultural and environmental settings can better understand each other and their world. Year 12 students complete a personal interest project, develop research methodologies and investigate the interconnection between the individual and popular culture, the role of belief systems, the nature of equality and difference and the role of work and leisure.