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Stage 6 - Years 11-12

Stage 6 PDHPE Years 11 and 12:

Course description

The Preliminary course examines a range of areas that underpin health and physical activity. This includes how people think about health and physical activity, the management of personal health and the basis for how the body moves. Students have the opportunity to select from a range of practical options in areas such as first aid, outdoor recreation, composing and performing, and fitness choices.

In the HSC course, students focus on major issues related to Australia's health status. They also look at factors that affect physical performance. They undertake optional study from a range of choices. This includes investigating the health of young people or of groups experiencing health inequities. In other options, students focus on improved performance and safe participation by learning about advanced approaches to training or sports medicine concepts. There is also an opportunity to think critically about the factors that impact on sport and physical activity in Australian society.

What students learn

Through the study of the PDHPE course, students learn to develop:

-          values and attitudes that promote healthy and active lifestyles and communities

-          knowledge and understanding of the factors that affect health

-          capacity to exercise influence over personal and community health outcomes

-          knowledge and understanding about the way the body moves

-          an ability to take action to improve participation and performance in physical activity

-          an ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, research and analysis.

Preliminary course

Core topics (60%)

-          Better Health for Individuals (30%)

-          The Body in Motion (30%)


Options component (40%)

TWO of the following options:

-          First Aid (20%)

-          Composition and Performance (20%)

-          Fitness Choices (20%)

-          Outdoor Recreation (20%)


HSC course

Core topics (60%)

-          Health Priorities in Australia (30%)

-          Factors Affecting Performance (30%)

Options component (40%)

TWO of the following options:

-          The Health of Young People (20%)

-          Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Society (20%)

-          Sports Medicine (20%)

-          Improving Performance (20%)

-          Equity and Health (20%)

 Senior students complete their First Aid certificate

 Senior students complete their First Aid certificate

Year 11 and 12 VET- Sport coaching- Certificate III

Sport Coaching is a board endorsed VET subject that allows students to complete workplace training. The subject provides students the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge required to work in the sport and recreation industry. Students will complete both theoretical and practical lessons to achieve course competencies. Sport coaching does not contribute towards ATAR results, however students are working towards their Certificate III in Sport Coaching. Students will study the following areas in the course:

-          General Coaching principles

-          WHS in sport

-          The sport and recreation industry

-          First Aid

-          Workplace skills and communication

-          Various sports including athletics, netball, basketball and rugby league

-          Strength and Conditioning


Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation:

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation makes a positive contribution to the total wellbeing of students. They develop knowledge and understanding of the value of activity, increased levels of movement skill, competence in a wide variety of sport and recreation contexts and skills in planning to be active. These and other aspects of the course enable students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. Students also develop a preparedness to contribute to the establishment of a health-promoting community that is supportive of its members adopting a healthy lifestyle. 


This course caters for a wide range of student needs. It can assist students in developing: 

• the qualities of a discerning consumer and an intelligent critic of physical activity and sport 

• high levels of performance skill in particular sports 

• the capacity to adopt administrative roles in community sport and recreation 

• the skills of coach, trainer, first aid officer, referee and fitness leader.