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Welfare overview

Welfare Overview

Wellbeing Head Teacher: Ms Louise Roumanos 

Student Support Officer: Ms Stacey Hurst

W.E.L Support: Ms Suzy Edwards

HT Student Engagement: Ms Joanna Tan


Year 7 - Ms Hanan Assaad & Ms Nikki Burcher

Year 8 - Ms Jess Matos & Mr Alex Lahey

Year 9 - Ms Tina Truong

Year 10 - Mr Ian Chan & Ms Verity Moon

Year 11 - Ms Joanna Tan & Ms Kachkach

Year 12 - Ms Maria Stamoudis 

Supervisor of Female Students - Ms Sandra Fonseca



Years 7 & 11 Ms Amina Baghdadi (Mon-Wed; Fri) & Ms Suzana Matic (Thurs)

Years 8 & 10 Dr Susan Griffin (Mon-Wed)  & Ms Nancy Richards (Thurs-Fri)

Years 9 & 12  Ms Alex Skelton 

School Counsellors:

Sam Cooper (Mon, Tues, odd week Fri)

Laura Wheatley (Thurs, Fri, even week Fri)

Wellbeing Newsletter 

The Wellbeing Team at MHS provides a wide variety of programs and support networks to improve the social and emotional welfare of all students attending our school. Specifically, our school addresses issues that arise from the diverse student population such as those from low SES backgrounds, NESB backgrounds, students in the comprehensive/community stream and gifted and talented students from the selective stream.

The Wellbeing Team consists of the HT Wellbeing, the Deputy Principals, the School Counsellors, the Year Advisors and Assistant Year Advisors and HT Literacy.

One of the primary focuses of the Wellbeing Team is addressing bullying, particularly cyber bullying. MHS was involved in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on 16 March and is hosting multiple workshops to address the specific issues that arise regarding bullying in schools.

The Wellbeing Team is committed to the development of sustained intervention programs for students at risk and a description of these programs is provided below.

 PRAISE Program for Girls

The PRAISE (Positive Relationships and Improving Self Esteem) Program's aim is to provide young women with a safe environment where they will participate in a number of interactive and educational workshops.  These workshops will focus on developing safe and positive relationships and improving self-esteem and confidence. It is hoped that by the end of the program, students will have a greater understanding of themselves and the benefits of having positive relationships in their lives.

STEP UP Program for Boys

The STEP UP Program's aim is to provide young male students with the opportunity to participate in gardening and garden building. In doing so, participating students will develop safe and positive relationships while developing skills in maintenance and construction. The program also aims to increase students' engagement with schooling and improve their learning and relationships with teachers.