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Stage 6 - Years 11-12

Engineering Studies

Industrial Technology Timber

Industrial Technology Graphics

VET Construction

VET Metal and Engineering

Many of the focus areas of Technology have a continuity of study into years 11 and 12. There is however, no prerequisite for students to have studied any subject in years 9 and 10 to commence study in year 11.

Industrial Technology Timber continues under the same name. Graphics Technology becomes Industrial Technology Graphics. In both of these courses students have the opportunity to study the interrelationships of technologies, equipment and materials used by industry. Students develop their skills through the completion of a self- directed individual project requiring design, planning, production and evaluation.

Engineering Studies is directed towards the application and advancement of skills associated with mathematics, science and technology and is integrated with business and management. Students study problems and integrate technical understanding in the development of solutions. An emphasis is placed on communication, synthesis and analysis of information, management skills and teamwork. Professional responsibility, ethical considerations and sustainability are all areas of consideration.

Two separate Vocational Education courses are offered within the faculty. These are Construction and Metal and Engineering. Both these courses give students the opportunity to gain credit towards industry recognised national vocational qualifications whilst studying for the HSC. Both of these courses are designed to enable students to acquire a range of technical, practical, personal and organisational skills valued both within and beyond the workplace.