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Study Skills Resources

Students often will say they do not know what to do when their teacher says "you must go home and study". In this section "Study Skills Resources"  you can access videos and weblinks to help you understand what students should be doing every week to learn, understand, remember and apply new knowledge.

We Can All Learn


Students with a growth mindset actually perform better and are able to persist in resolving difficult problems than a student with a fixed mindset. Fixed mindset students get praised for their intelligence only eg: "you're smart". Growth mindset students get praised for the process, thinking or strategy used in their learning.

Our brain capacity is not fixed - the more we struggle with things and persist the more our neural pathways develop in the brain.

We can all learn.

Mindset and Success

Eduardo Briceño articulates how mindset, or the understanding of intelligence and abilities, is key. When students or adults see their abilities as fixed, whether they think they're naturals or just not built for a certain domain, they avoid challenge and lose interest when things get hard. Conversely, when they understand that abilities are developed, they more readily adopt learning-oriented behaviors such as deliberate practice and grit that enable them to achieve their goals. But this belief is itself malleable, and there are clear actions we can all take to establish a growth mindset and enable success for our children, our peers and ourselves.