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Stage 4 - Years 7-8

Technology Mandatory

This is a mandatory course consisting of Areas of Study in:

•Built Environments


•Information and Communication

Students are encouraged to design, produce and evaluate, supported by a Design Folio. A range of Design-related content to support the above is presented through exposure to Food Technology and Textiles. Students design a range of products including models, cushions, pencil cases and their own cafés.

Equipment required:

•Enclosed fully leather shoes

•Tea Towel


•Oven Mitt

•Apron (provided by faculty)


Textiles Elective

Students are offered the opportunity in this course to further develop their interest, knowledge and skills in textiles and design. It is a great way for students to complement the learning obtained in the Technology Mandatory course and prepare themselves for studying Textiles Technology in Stage 5. This is a predominantly practical course, with students learning how to read and make patterns and design practical items such as boxer shorts and satchel bags. Work is completed in class, with homework rarely issued. Students are required to supply the materials for the construction of their practical designs.

                                                              Year 7 Model making

                                                                   Year 7 Model making