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Stage 4 - Year 8 French

Stage 4 - Year 8 French (Mandatory 100 hours)

In Stage 4 (Year 8), all students undertake the Mandatory 100 hour course, required for the award of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). This will be achieved through the study of French, an introductory course where students will be introduced to the four language-learning skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Students will also begin to develop an appreciation for how life is lived in French-speaking countries; the differences and similarities with our Australian life-style, and the importance of respect and tolerance.

Learning another language involves working individually, and with others in both pairs and small groups. Class activities are varied and address a range of learning needs. We focus on the four language-learning skills, and we try to incorporate opportunities to practise these skills into each lesson.  Our aim is to introduce your son/daughter to the French-speaking world, using as much authentic material as possible, in ways that would be useful for the future.

We measure mastery and successful learning through class tasks, oral participation in activities, formal assessments, testing each of the four skills, and research assignments, incorporating ICT wherever appropriate.