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Learning remotely

We're keeping students learning both in and out of the classroom.

Explore the department's Learning remotely resources to support both online and offline learning for all students.

Student Responsibilities - Online Learning at Moorebank High School.

Learning from home support website

We understand learning from home can be difficult at times and confusing for the whole family. In order to support parents, guardians and students, we have put together a support website:  ‘MHS: LEARNING FROM HOME’. 

On the website, there is a dedicated space for parent/guardians and for student support.  We have tried to include as much support material as possible and we will continually update the information, so be sure to save it to your favourites tab. 

Link to site: 

We hope that this will allow you to navigate the remote learning world more effectively.


Learning remotely without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact the school to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child.