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Student Responsibilities - Online Learning

Student Responsibilities – Online learning

When should I do schoolwork online?

The core operational hours for the school are between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. There is an expectation that you are online at some time during these hours. It is recognised that these arrangements are flexible and that you should take appropriate breaks during this time. It is also recognised that you may have to share access to computers and Internet at home and you may want to complete some work outside of these hours. However, your teachers will limit their interactions with students and parents as much as possible to our core operational hours.

Students and staff will be isolated during this time and it is important that we maintain a sense of normal routine and operation when working from home. It is important that all students have adequate breaks and don’t “overwork”, which can be easier to do when working offsite and online.

•       Remember, we are aiming for about 3 – 4 hours maximum work per day, per student, overall. For juniors (Years 7 -10) who are studying 8 classes, this equates to between 20 – 25 min max four days a week per subject.

•       Senior students (Years 11 – 12) should be issued with 5 – 6 hours max work per day, per student, overall. For students studying 6 subjects, this equates to 40 – 50 min max four days a week per subject.

How do I work online?

•       Moorebank High School will be delivering online learning using Google Classroom.

•       Google Classroom can be accessed through the Moorebank High School Online Learning Portal Internet browser or on a home computer

•       You will connect to the Portal using your MHS account (the same one you use at school).

•       Once you connect to the Portal you will need to enrol in the Google Classroom classes for each of your school academic classes. The school will also set up a Google Classroom class for each Year Group, run by the Year Adviser.

•       Once you enrol in each class, you will be able to participate in Google Classroom for these subjects and for Wellbeing.

What should I be doing each school day?

•       Get up and get dressed

•       Have breakfast, brush your teeth and wash your hands

•       Log into your internet account and online learning

•       Check messages from your student email and in Google Classroom. This is important as all assessment will be posted online and the date of the post become the day of notification.

•       Check in with your teacher in some form, either directly in class meetings or by completing and turning in work through Google Classroom

•       You need to make a genuine effort to engage in the learning and body of work provided by your teacher. This means submitting what work you can in the set timeframe.

•       Students are not expected to do work at any particular time of the day, as this may not be possible for all students. Teachers will be able to see if students are completing work over a period of time.

•       Complete and submit any assessment tasks. MHS will be following the existing assessment schedules, however, tasks will be modified for online submission.

                            Assessment policies    

•       Contribute to class discussions and participate in class meetings organised by your teacher.

•       Teachers will give positive Sentral entries for student participation in online learning.

•       Contact your teacher if you need help. If you need help with work, you should contact your teacher through Google Classroom or the Moorebank High School email address:

•       Student Learning and Support Officers will be assigned to support students who are experiencing difficulty.

How do I work safely and respectfully online?

•       Find a suitable common space in your house to work outside of your bedroom. Dress appropriately, as you may be participating in some video meetings with your teacher and classmates.

•       Only connect with your own Login details and never share these details with others.

•       Abide by the school’s BRAVE values and expectations when engaging in learning and commenting via the Google Classroom. This is a learning environment and school rules and expectations apply. This means you are a respectful online learner at all times. That is, you must not behave in a manner that is offensive, threatening, abusive, defamatory or would otherwise be considered bullying. This is not a social media site and therefore you should refrain from using slang terms.

•       Treat your online teachers and fellow students with respect and you should allow for and respect the views of others during class discussions and messaging.

•       Remember, when participating in online learning you are participating in activities related to the school and so have to abide by normal school rules. Students breaching these rules will be dealt with using the schools normal discipline policies and procedures.

How can I look after my own health?

•       Now that you aren’t at school, make sure you still get lots of exercise at home. Eat as well as you can and look after your physical health.

•       You all have a Google Classroom account linked to your year adviser and year group. Weekly surveys will be up, focusing on your wellbeing and access to further support.

•       Stay connected with family and friends online in a safe and respectful manner.

How can I keep in contact with my teachers?

•       Teachers will contact students by email, Google Classroom or by phone call. Teachers will use the student home phone listed on our computer systems. They would not normally ring you directly, unless you have specifically requested the call on the wellbeing surveys.

•       Communicate with your teachers using your student email and Google Classroom.

•       If you are having issues with your email or Google Classroom account login then please either call the school on 96013999 or email this address: .

•       Note that this ONLY applies to username and password issues. We are not in a position to solve WiFi or other connectivity problems.

If you do not have access to a computer or internet at home it is very important that you contact the school immediately for us to be able to support you with your learning during this time.