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Learning support


Learning Support


Staff List:

Ms Wendy Cooper (Head Teacher Secondary Studies)

Ms Chloe Christos (Learning and Suppprt Teacher (p/t)

Ms Sonya Slater (Learning and Support Teacher)

Ms Melisa Bozat (School Learning Support Officer)

Ms Nuray Bozat (School Learning Support Officer)

Mr Ben Lewis (School Learning Support Officer)

Ms Maria Nair (School Learning Support Officer)

Ms Jacklyn Tilden (School Learning Support Officer)

Ms Amanda Tran (School Learning Support Officer)




 Mrs Pun gives ESl support



Eliminate barriers to learning

At Moorebank High School, we endeavour to include every student in classroom activities and to design learning outcomes so that all students can be successful in their learning.

Our Learning Support Team of experienced and dedicated teachers work together to support the provision of quality learning experiences across the curriculum.  Students can access the learning at a level appropriate to their specific learning needs and work to their potential.  Student participation and progress is monitored and additional learning support is provided, if required.  We work in partnership with parents and carers.  We focus on what a student can do, building skills, as well as confidence and self-esteem.

Although each specialist teacher has a specific role, it is the collaborative efforts of the team that build the capacity of all members of staff so that they can help all students to achieve to the best of their ability.

The team also works closely with Year Advisers and Head Teachers.  The School Counsellors, the Support Teacher (Behaviour) and the Careers' Adviser are also members of this team.

Almost 75% of our students have a language background other than English. Through EALD support, we aim to assist those students whose first language is not English to become competent enough in English to play their part effectively in Moorebank High School's social activities and learning experiences. We aim to build the linguistic and cultural identities of these students in order to foster their confidence and motivation.  We also assist in developing programs with multicultural perspectives across all curriculum areas.

Our EALD teachers plan co-operatively with each class teacher and work with identified students.  Learning experiences and delivery methods are adjusted to accommodate the learning needs of these students.  Our EALD teachers team teach, as well as providing one-on- one assistance where appropriate.  

At Moorebank High School, our EALD program focuses on high student engagement and high expectations. Classroom learning experiences are focussed on achieving enjoyable, challenging, meaningful and effective learning.  With the active participation of students in their learning, we seek to encourage all students to reach their highest potential and develop as independent, self-disciplined, co-operative learners.