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Stage 6 - Years 11-12

Stage 6

Music 1

Year 11 and 12 Music students undertake a course of study designed to challenge them, introducing them to the major Music syllabus concepts and providing experiences with a range of activities for their preparation for their final exams in Year 12.

Our students develop skills in the following compulsory learning experiences of the course:

  • Performance – students are required to select pieces of music on their instrument of choice and play in a variety of live music situations.
  • Composition – students are required to write their own music using various methods of notation and keeping a log book of everything that is involved in the composition process.
  • Musicology – students are to research a statement of their choice and are to prepare a 10 minute Viva Voce (a discussion) referring specifically to the concepts of music.
  • Aural – students are required to listen to a variety of music and demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts of music. This is usually assessed in the form of a written examination.

In Year 12, students are required to sit two examinations. The aural examination paper is completed within the HSC examination period. The other examination is a practical examination where students are required to perform one compulsory piece of music and submit three other works comprising of performance, musicology or composition. These three pieces of work can be one of each component, a mixture of these components or all of the same component.

Topics studied in Music 1 include: Methods of Notating Music, Film Music, Music for Small Ensembles, Music of the 20thand 21stCenturies, Music of An Instrument & Its Repertoire, Popular Music or a topic of their choice. Students are given homework to complete periodically, based on the work covered in class or as revision for their examination.

HSC Music student


HSC Music students