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Stage 6 - Years 11-12

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is a new course being offered by Moorebank High School. It is a non-ATAR, board approved course that has been designed to promote the development of understanding in Mathematics. It has a greater focus on the Mathematics encountered through human activity, including a range of post-school pathways that require a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques. Rather than exams, a considerable workload is expected, with student work submitted in portfolio form.


The Year 11 content looks at earning, managing and investing money, taxation, data collection and analysis, measurement, probability and Algebra. It also has two focus studies that take a closer look at mobile phone plans and driving costs.


This is further investigated and built on in Year 12 studies. The content now looks at credit cards, interpreting data, multi-stage probability events and more algebra. The focus studies look at house plans and design, accommodation costs, maths and the human body and personal resources usage for water, electricity and sustainability.


General Mathematics

General Mathematics is a rigorous non-calculus senior school Mathematics Course.  Students in both Year 11 and 12 have started the year with units on Algebra where they are developing and enhancing competencies learned in junior school.

Year 11 will then continue on with a unit on the calculation and measurement of area and volume. This will include real life examples, such as the calculation of the area of irregularly shaped blocks of land.


Year 12, on the other hand will then develop their skills in trigonometry by the use of trig in non-right angled triangles. The sine and cosine rules learned in this unit will enable them to calculate the area, length of a side or the size of an angle in any triangle, not just right angled ones as was learned in junior school.  Students will have various assessment tasks and other checks applied so as to assist them with ensuring that they are on course to gain the best possible HSC outcome.


Mathematics & Extension 1 Mathematics

Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics are calculus based courses and require a high level of mathematical ability. Students in the Mathematics and Extension 1 courses study basic arithmetic, followed by algebra and surds and later on equations plane geometry and trigonometry. They will develop their concepts in these topics and learn how to apply these skills to real life problems.


Extension 2 Mathematics (Year 12 only)

Extension 2 Mathematics is offered to our students in Year12 and is studied in addition to the Extension 1 Mathematics course. It is the highest level of Mathematics that is offered in the HSC course and is studied by a small number of our best mathematicians. In term 4 2011 studies covered the topics of Complex Numbers and Curve Sketching whilst they are currently studying Polynomials and Conics. The remainder of the course involves Integration, Volumes, Mechanics and Advanced Extension 1 topics.


This is a very rigorous course but it is also rewarding one. The students are well prepared to embark on university courses that require a high level of mathematical understanding with our students achieving very good HSC results in the past. As this is an extension subject all lessons are studied off-line either during lunchtimes or after school. An extremely high commitment to study is needed by these students in order to achieve the results that they are capable of attaining.