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Stage 4 - Years 7- 8

Stage 4  Music (Mandatory)

All Year 7 students complete the mandatory 100 hour Music course.

Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the concepts of music through:

  • performing as a means of self-expression, interpreting musical symbols and developing solo and/or ensemble techniques
  • composingas a means of self-expression, musical creation and problem solving
  • listening as a means of extending aural awareness and communicating ideas about music in social, cultural and historical contexts.

Students will value and appreciate:

  • the aesthetic value of music and the enjoyment of engaging in performing, composing and listening.


Students study topics such as ‘The nature of Music', ‘Instruments of the Orchestra & World Instruments' and ‘Music on Television', whilst learning to play the keyboard and guitar in both solo and ensemble arrangements. Students are required to supply their own headphones during the course. Students are given homework to complete periodically, based on the work covered in class or as revision for their examination


Music (Elective)

Students in Year 8 study ‘Popular Music'. They are given the opportunity to further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in Music through the elective course, designed to further prepare them for the study of Music in Stage 5.