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Stage 5 - Years 9-10

Stage 5 Geography

In Year 10 students will have the opportunity to explain geographical processes that transform places and environments, and explain the likely consequences of these changes. They analyse interconnections between people, places and environments and propose explanations for distributions, patterns and spatial variations over time and across scales. Students investigate changing environments, global differences in human wellbeing, and strategies to address challenges now and in the future.Year 10 Geography excusion to Malabar

Year 10 Geography excursion to Malabar 


Stage 5 History

In Year 9 students learn of significant developments in the making of the modern world and Australia. Mandatory studies include Australians at War (World Wars I and II) and Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Other topics may include the making of the Australian nation, the history of an Asian society, Australian social history and migration experiences.

         Medieval History incursionMedieval History incursion 2

      Medieval History incursion


Commerce Year 9-10

Commerce enables young people to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that form the foundation on which they can make sound decisions about consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment issues. It develops in students the ability to research information, apply problem-solving strategies and evaluate options in order to make informed and responsible decisions as individuals and as part of the community.

Students investigate the consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment world and are provided with the opportunity to develop their research, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Students develop an understanding of political and legal processes in order to become informed, responsible and active citizens. Commerce provides opportunities for students to develop the skills required to become responsible and independent individuals who can contribute to society.

Student learning in Commerce promotes critical thinking and the opportunity to participate in the community. Students learn to identify, research and evaluate options when solving problems and making decisions on matters relating to their consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment interactions. They develop research and communication skills, including the use of ICT, and the skills of working independently and collaboratively.